To go or not to go…that is the question



Mommy can we….? This is a statement that we hear all throughout the day. How do we determine as a family what we are going to do and why we are going to do it? The world around us is continually giving more and more options. Each family has been given the same amount of time each week, but each family does not do the same things with their time. With all the options in this world,how does a family decide what is best?

We need families to be proactive when looking at their weekly schedule instead of just reacting to the outside pressures on their time. In order to do this we as parents need to understand what it important and what is secondary.

At the root of every decision is the question, “Which world am I preparing my child for-this world or the next?’

If you want to explore this topic more and have a chance to become a more focused family. Come to the Proactive Parenting class this Saturday August 19th, 9-11 am at Calvary Community Church, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. If you are planning on coming email me at

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